What can Ella Valla Station offer you?

Do you need a Property Letter?
Head over to our online SHOP to purchase one NOW!

We provide Property Letters to customers requiring support to apply for a Firearm, by way of offering them a place to shoot. 


 Once your purchase has been completed, you will receive your Property Letter via email within 7 days.


Please note:


All Property Letters are emailed out on Thursdays.

If you purchase a Property Letter on Tuesday, you will receive it the following Thursday (2 days later). However, if you purchase one on Friday, it will not be emailed until the following Thursday (6 days later). So please be patient.

*Please note, this Property Letter will give you genuine NEED to own a firearm, you then need to justify genuine REASON in your application.

Hire our Shooting Range

Our Shooting Range is for hire. Please email us below if you are interested in hiring the Range as a group, an individual Shooter, or for a large event.

We have several targets (board and metal) set up at different distances for you to sight your rifles in. And of course we have the 1km 'Gong' metal plate for you to have a 'crack' at.

Please note that our Shooting Range is separate to our Hunting Packages. If you are hunting on our Station, you have unlimited use of the Range (when not in use).

However, if you are hiring our range, we DO NOT permit you to hunt on our Property without prior permission. Hunting is purely exclusive to those purchasing the 7 night hunting experience.


Shoot a .50 BMG

Is shooting this BIG Rifle something you would LOVE to do? Well you can tick it off your Bucket List right NOW!


We will advertise the next Range Day on our

 'ELLA VALLA STATION' Facebook Page.

Keep an eye out for it!



$100 for 3 shots

(further rounds can be purchased on the day)




Closed in shoes, sunglasses/protective glasses, 

earmuffs (if possible) and water.


Please note that once we set the next available Range Day, we will advertise on our 'Ella Valla Station' Facebook page. Keep an eye out for this. Once the date has been set, then you can EMAILUS AT info@ellavalla.com.au TO CONFIRM YOUR PLACE AND WE WILL PROVIDE YOU ALL THE INFORMATION YOU NEED TO KNOW.


Coral Coast Helicopter Services are offering return Helicopter Flights to Ella Valla Station Airstrip leaving and returning from the Carnarvon Airport.


Otherwise, we are a 50 minute drive from Carnarvon. Avis Care Hire operates from the Carnarvon Airport and can be contacted on 9941 1877.

If you are coming from Perth, you can arrange your Rex flights with Everywhere Travel in Carnarvon by calling 9941 4595.

View "Our Region" page to find out how you can value-add on your Gascoyne Region holiday! For example, why not tie in going swimming with the Whale Sharks while you are here? Or take a 4WD or Helicopter Tour around the area! Coral Coast Helicopter Tours offers a variety of adventure seeking packages for the young at heart!


Book a Hunting Experience
Firearms Training

Shane offers Firearms Training to any individual, group or Corporate Body/Business in need. 

Please email us to find out more or to make a booking.




We hire Ella Valla Station to Shooting & Hunting groups  (minimum 4 people) in weekly blocks. We only offer one group at a time, guaranteeing EXCLUSIVE use of the Station for hunting purposes.

By special arrangement only, we can take larger group bookings. 



$500 per person per week, minimum 4 people

($2000 per week is the minimum cost, regardless of numbers attending and time staying).

Any numbers over 4 people will be an extra $500 per person.

Any groups less than 4 people are more than welcome but still required to pay the minimum cost of $2000.


This booking includes accommodation in a 3 bedroom cottage (2 beds per room) for 7 nights, exclusive use of the station for hunting purposes, use of our meat hanging room and chiller for goats taken and use of our meat cutter to cut and package goat meat to take with you. Also, we allow unlimited use of the Shooting Range and Reloading Room when not in use. We have a basic clay pigeon thrower for you to use and a reloading room available to develop your loads.


Remember to BYO Bedding (we supply bottom sheets on beds only), food, fuel, vehicles, clay pigeons (if required), dies, primers, powders and projectiles (if required). 


We are recognised as an Australian Accredited Tourism Business


Ella Valla Station is acknowledged by Tourism Australia as an Accredited Tourism Business. This means we have a full spectrum of Policies and Procedures, OSH Plans, Business Plans, Risk Management Plans, Marketing and Action Plans.

Additionally, Station Owner Shane Aylmore has the required permits, qualifications and experience to offer:

  • .50 BMG shooting experiences on our 1km Shooting Range (Via his Corporate Firearms Licence)

  • Firearms Practical Training - individual or group

  • Hunting experiences (Diversification & Tourism Permit)

  • Station Stay (Diversification & Tourism Permit)

  • Firearms Awareness Courses - individual, group or corporate level 

  • Firearms Sales (Firearms Dealers Licence)


We stand by our Mission Statement:

It is our business to provide a safe, lawful environment for recreational shooters to come and enjoy their sport'.

We will ALWAYS ensure that our business is conducted in a professional and lawful manner.