About Ella Valla Station & the Crew

We are located in the Gascoyne Region, 87km south-east of Carnarvon, consisting of almost 100 000 hectares.

We are a Family-run, functioning Cattle Station, with Diversification Permits to allow Tourism in the form of Station Stay for Shooting & Hunting enthusiasts.

We are fortunately positioned in the region known as the 'Goat Triangle' which is a popular thoroughfare for Goats and other vermin. We have other and larger game on our property, including but not limited to Rabbits, Foxes, Cats, Dogs, Cattle.


Station Facilities


On Ella Valla Station, we have:

  • 14 watering points

  • Family Homestead with Pool

  • 3 Bedroom Guest House

  • Shearing Shed and Shearers Quarters, now home to our 1km Rifle Range, with accommodation suitable for up to 20 people

  • Reloading Room right next door to our Range for purposes of allowing our customers to develop and test their loads

  • Dirt Airstrip suitable for large planes (C130) and helicopters to land on

Additional info:

  • Our Power is supplied by generators

  • Our hot water is supplied by Donkeys

  • We have a Landline at the Homestead

  • We have Wifi available around the Homestead

  • We have a meat hanging room and chiller available at the Homestead

In the beginning....


Ella Valla Station is a family run business which we have owned since October 2011. Since then, our focus has been to improve the infrastructure in order build a pastoral/cattle industry. As Ella Valla Station was extremely run down and destocked at the time of purchase, and managed as a Sheep Station, there was (and still is) A LOT of work to be done to change over to Cattle, and to fix watering points and fencing to keep the cattle in!!!


In late 2011/early 2012 (yes, just months after buying the Station), Ella Valla Station was in the path of several walls of Bushfires that raged through the Gascoyne Area for months (literally). This was initially a devastation, but as an afterthought, it was a great learning curve, and planted the beginnings of new ventures at Ella Valla Station.


It was because of these fires that the Ella Valla Station Rifle Range came about. This 1km Range was cut as a 'Fire Break' during the 2011 fires at the Shearing Shed, in an effort to protect our infrastructure. It was only after that Shane realised what potential this 'Fire Break' had to become the new Ella Valla Shooting Range! One idea after another lead to the great idea of using this Rifle Range to Diversify the Land, allow tourists and shooting enthusiasts to come, hunt and shoot goats and other vermin, have a great time in the bush, and shoot some high powered guns on the range for the pure adrenaline rush....All of this to fund our ultimate plans to make Ella Valla Station a viable Cattle Property.


Things are improving by the day. We are gradually able to offer more and more opportunities to our Shooters. The income the station is receiving from shooters and tourists, is going directly back into improving the Shooting Facility and improving infrastructure at Ella Valla Station.


Seems like a lot of work huh? ..... Sure was .... AND STILL IS! There are MANY people supportive of this venture, but there are also a select few against it. So we work very hard to keep all of the permits, licences, approvals, Policies and Procedures current at Ella Valla Station in an effort to keep the Ella Valla Shooting Experience alive.

Ah the serenity....


We have put the hard yards in, and now we continue to fight to keep this tourist destination alive. Who couldn't argue that this is the lifestyle and getaway we all yearn for......peace, quiet, nature, escape from the hectic city life (if only for a week), throw in some recreational shooting, bonding time with friends and family, and tick off one of those Bucket List experiences at our Shooting Range. We hope to continue to be able to share this experience AND MORE with our guests at Ella Valla Station in the future! 

Ella Valla Station featured on ABC Landline on 14th October 2018. View our segment below:

Meet the Crew

Shane is the epitome of a rootin’, tootin’, huntin’, shootin’, fishin’ type (Anyone who knows him will know that this is a very accurate description, taken from the book ‘Carnarvon Cooks & Characters’ by Jenny Walsh). He grew up shooting at surrounding stations of Carnarvon, and has decided that he wants to give others the opportunity to do what he was always privileged to do as a kid….to experience station life at its best...hunt and gather, eat a bit of what you gathered (over the firepit), then restock the freezer. He plans to make Ella Valla Station the ultimate adventurers holiday destination! We have third generation families come to visit Ella Valla Station (Grandfather, Father and Son), as it is such a brilliant tradition to pass down to those families that lived and breathed the outback lifestyle back in the day when it was easy to do. 

Shane always has plenty of ideas, and on top of offering a 'Hunting Experience' at Ella Valla Station, he also has spent a lot of time and effort acquiring a .50 calibre Rifle (very spectacular for anyone who is a shooting enthusiast), first and foremost, to compete Internationally in Long Range Shooting Competitions. But also, in order to offer it as a drawcard to the Gascoyne area to interested shooting enthusiasts and tourists. He is passionate about shooting, as are MANY other Aussies out there. And I mean, who wouldn't want to shoot one? And who better to offer this 'shot of a lifetime' than Shane?

Shane has also been able to put the .50BMG Long Range Shooting Competitions on the West Australian Calendar. Ella Valla Station is the first and only Private Shooting Range licenced to shoot .50 calibre Rifles. Therefore, you will not get this experience anywhere else in Western Australia.

The development of the Widji Bandi Sports Association came about as Ella Valla Station was able to offer qualified, experienced shooters a home, aka a place to shoot, train and compete on at State, National and International levels.


In August 2018, Widji Bandi and Ella Valla Station co-hosted both the State and National Long Range Shooting Titles, which was a huge success. Next year in 2019, we plan to host an International Long Range Shooting event, which will put Long Range Shooting, Western Australia, the Gascoyne Region as well as Ella Valla Station on the Worldwide Scale! Very exciting!

On top of keeping this venture afloat at Ella Valla Station, Shane also teaches Firearms Safety Awareness at several mine sites around Western Australia. He thoroughly enjoys this as it comes very easy to him, given his nature (quiet and shy of course!) and experience, and hopes to acquire more Teaching and Training opportunities in the future.


It would come as no surprise, given shooting is his passion, that Shane is a Licenced Firearms Dealer. This is purely a hobby, which he never gets tired of. So anyone wanting a Rifle, you know who to contact! He knows the ins and outs of guns, and loves to talk about it!!!!

Shane is very passionate about tourism and promoting the Region which he lives and breathes, and as such he is also  President of the Blowholes Protection Association, again, in an effort to give future generations the opportunity to experience the traditions of hunting/gathering/camping that have occurred in and around the Blowholes and Carnarvon area over the years. This passion has come from his Fisheries Officer days.

Shane and his family work as a great team and have many more ideas and plans up their sleeves to continue to grow and improve Ella Valla Station, not only the tourism venture, but more importantly and ultimately, the plan to continue to grow and nurture our pastoral / cattle Business.

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